Kids Fashion


Instagram is one my favourite places for finding independent kids fashion brands that you’d never be able to find through google. And that’s exactly where I discovered Majula Handmade. They’re a Lithuanian brand who create whimsical floral and jewelled accessories that make you feel gorgeous right from the moment that you place one atop your head. You might have seen Julia wearing MajulaHandmade before on the blog in an editorial by Ahmed called The forest of the lost children

MajulaHandmade follows the philosophy of being stylish at the same time as being yourself. Their accessories encourage you not to be afraid to experiment, combine looks which may look incompatible, do not copy and discover your true self – free, creative and stylish personality. The accessories from MajulaHandmade are made by the accuracy of details, delicate forms, noble materials (silk, wool, linen, velvet). Every piece are made by hands and may slightly vary from the pictures. MajulaHandmade accessories are for romantic, modern and a little bohemian personality. It is very exciting, that on every woman or girl, accessories look and unfold differently.

Whether it’s for a party, wedding or just a Sunday picnic in the sunshine, we invite you to take a wander through the collection of beautiful headpieces, floral crowns and silk flowers here.