Using carefully chosen fabrics, colours and prints, Garbo and Friends is one of those Scandinavian brands that we admire for its design and finesse.

Whether its a crib bumper, a blanket, pillow, sleeping bag or duvet set , you will find a product that both you and your baby will love. Most of the products therefore have two sides: a beautifully illustrated patterned side, and a solid coloured side in carefully selected colours. 

Functionality and exquisite quality that goes hand in hand with home decor. Isn’t that what we all want?

Garbo and Friends is available at the webshop Beetles & Bugs

Garbo and Friends

Fishes are amazing and beautiful creatures, in this airy and soft cotton bed linen, the most common Swedish fishes are combined. Mr Pike, Mrs Perch, Auntie Rainbow Trout and little sister Herring.

Garbo and Friends

Birds are beautiful and marvelous creatures, their colourful feathers and ability to fly amongst clouds is combined in this airy and eco cotton bed linen.


The Bubble no Troubles pattern is inspired by various things, soap bubbles, grandma´s lace tablecloth and even Super Mario. A pinch of each created this lovely, childish and truly bubbly pattern.