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Known for being stylish, practical, modern and fun, Baobab clothing is essential ‘everydaywear’ for fashionable babies, toddlers & big kids 0-10 years old.

Made from primarily organic cotton knits, baobab fabrics are soft and stretchy, and are available in a range of colours which are easy to mix and match in every childs wardrobe. The SS14 collection includes leaves, hearts, suns, stars, and a gorgeous flying birds design. (Stay tuned for a review!)

The clothing is designed in Australia by owner and mum, Belinda Blooman. Time for an interview with the brains behing Baobab!


Belinda’s daughter Anya in Baobab’s Chambry shirt dress

How would you describe your brand?

contemporary ‘everydaywear’ that’s design and detail focused but is also soft and comfy and fun to wear for babies – big kids 0-10 years old.

What inspired SS14?

Summer 2014 is very much inspired by the sky… we have the gorgeous ‘flying birds print’ which looks like a flock of birds flying across a cloudy sky, and the maple print which came to me by looking up into the trees… both prints are unisex and come in a variety of styles.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?

I love the flying bird ‘sweetie’ dress for it’s originality. I also love the chambray Juliette dress and the fleece shirts & shorts… a must for every kids wardrobe!

Do you have children? How does that influence your work?
My daughter Anya is my inspiration. I started the label when she was a toddler and 6 years later she’s a ‘tween’… We have increased our sizes as she has grown but we’re stopping at 10! Anya is very stylish with her own way of putting together pieces that is wonderfully original. She has a great sense of colour and lovely long legs that make everything look good! She consults on every collection and is full of enthusiasm for baobab.

What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of your job?
Timings are crucial and very challenging as I juggle motherhood as well as being a photographic producer and pretty much a ‘one man band’ with baobab… I have a cast of several fabulously talented people who help out with print designing, pattern making, illustrations and admin when I need them (as well as an amazing production team in India) but the rest is pretty much me…. that is an ongoing challenge.

How would you describe your own personal style?
My own style is minimal, understated, loose, Scandinavian/Japanese, lots of black and I live in trainers (no heels). I do like to mix it up with a loud African pant (I have multiple pairs I live in from NYC)

Where can our readers buy your brand?
A variety of lovely boutiques who stock baobab and also online at our own website – we ship globally and we have summer 2014 currently reduced and we ease into winter… so check it out. X



Baobab Red Feather Dress

Bunny Raglan Tee

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