We have written before about Fabelab’s designs. Maybe you remember our post about the soft organic cotton bird that you can use as a calming toy or cuddle blanket? It encourages children’s creativity and their appetite for exploring. The different colour combinations that are available also make it a rather attractive design piece in the children’s bedroom or around your home.

But Fabelab has added something new to their already great collection. It’s time to introduce their beautiful baby bedding sets! Perfect for the baby boys / girls nursery! And soon they will add bigger sizes as well. Can’t wait as they will even add grown-up sizes.

The sleepy baby bedding sets, available in two colours and are made of 100% soft organic cotton and are GOTS certified. The graphic patchwork pattern matches the play-fold-bird blankets Alisan and Jade, providing a cosy universe for your little one and together with the Cuddly Birds, Fabelab’s first products.

We are thinking of hosting a Fabelab give away next week. What do you think? Would you like to win a baby bedding set?

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Fabelab bedset

Fabelab bedding set

Sleep Baby


Fabelab Bird