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A song that I keep playing over and over again, Dabeull – BlueCar (Feat Holybrune). I love hearing the beautiful voice of the young French singer Holybrune. Do you already know her?! And I hear you thinking, does this have anything to do with Kids Fashion?! Well, yes! Have a look and tell me what you see! (look closely at the little girl in the video)

Yes, that’s right! The little girl is wearing T-shirts of the French brand Larmes de crocodile. You may remember Larmes de crocodile as “forget her name” was a regular contributor to Les Enfants with her weekly look. So it’s nice to see her brand, where the tongue in cheek humor of the child is combined with Tough edgy texts and prints, doing so well. 

Larmes the Crocodile is for children from 3 months to 10 years old and all clothes are 100 % organic.

What do you think of this fairly new brand? And what do you think of the song?

I love listening to it in the car!

Larmes de Crocodile

Dabeull - BlueCar (Feat Holybrune)

Larmes de crocodile

Larmes de Crocodile