Back in 2014,  Eva Lillemor Brunner created her Instagram account, showing off her designs hanging on the wall in her daughter’s bedroom, to see if she could get some feedback. Within just a few months she got a massive following on Instagram that was growing each day. On a regular basis, she received questions if she would like to sell her poster designs, sure! And that is how Eef Lillemor got started.

Eef Lillemor has grown since and now offers a wide range of original, quirky, creative, and versatile products like posters, postcards, feeding sets, backpacks, wallpaper etc. All this made with a lot of love and passion and just about everything in pretty pastel colours.

Perfect for decorating nurseries & children’s rooms and to add that personal touch that you have been looking for.

Eef Lillemor is available at Kidshop here.


They are so versatile with their hand straps, ideal for nursery, school or a sleepover at their grandparents’ house or friends. 


This sweet little lunchbox is the perfect size for home-made sandwiches, nuts, fruit or something sweeter to bring to school! Also great for little trips out in the buggy and snacks on the go. Your little one will love carrying their treasures around in it.


Beautiful  sleeves that are great for guarding your device from scratches and minor impacts.


For sketchers, listers, writers, jotters, note takers, and those of us who love holding paper in our hands.


A beautiful night light for children inspired by one of natures most beautiful phenomenon. This charming night time friend can be placed anywhere in your room or your child’s room to provide a warming atmosphere that will gently guide your little one to dream land.