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If you are like me then you love the spirit and feel of antiques. Clothes or furniture with a sense of history conjure up all sorts of wonderfully magical images that I think can be lacking in some modern designs.

Chahut Bahut is an online shop of vintage furniture as well as accessories, decorative items , textiles & fixtures for children. A shop where each piece is unique , left in their juice or restored .

Founded by Coralie Dourlens, in 2013 when she decided to leave the business community and to join the fascinating world of the children’s vintage furniture. An antique hunter and passionate about design and noble materials, after a school period at l’école Boulle where she confirmed her taste for the arts and crafts, she set up Chahut Bahut.

Now Coralie puts all her passion into finding furniture and vintage products, restoring them to a condition where they can once again truly tell their story, or convey the passion or the genius of their original designer, manufacturer or illustrator !!

I love the spirit of this shop and I think you will to.


Chahut Bahut




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