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Meet Zig and Zag, two characters that will guide your child through some of the most amazing cities in the world.

Children are naturally very curious about new countries and are excited to learn new things and always want to know more about the interesting places you can visit, the food you will taste or the activities you can enjoy abroad.

Designer Alana Ippolito created ZigZag City Guides after noticing that while there were plenty of books for parents travelling with children and plenty of activities to keep children entertained during trips, there were few resources designed specifically for young children to use as tourists.

Created specifically for the youngest generation of jet-setters, their are intended to make their adventures as memorable and educational as possible, well beyond takeoff and landing. Each deck of double-sided cards draws from childs’ unique view of the world around them. What patterns do you see in the cobblestone streets of Italy? What would your uniform look like if you played baseball for The New York Yankees?

ZigZag City Guides engage children differently by putting a guide in their hands and asking them to reflect and respond to what they see and learn—or touch and taste! With the help of their new travel buddies “Zig” and “Zag”, they’ll be encouraged to learn about a culture unfamiliar to them and be provoked to use their imagination while exploring.

ZigZag City Guides allows parents and children to explore together, making learning fun and travel experiences stick.

ZigZag City Guides are available directly from ZigZag City Guides here, who are happy to ship internationally.

All illustrations are created by the talented Jayde Fish.