What a fabulous idea from Villa Carton…. Children love to dress up! Well, at least mine one does….  Be a king or a super hero, an oriental dancer or a geisha… Create your own disguises with these creative, cotton costumes..

Villa Carton is an initiative of two Dutch artists, Manon and Ruud van den Broek. They are both very committed to creating toys that stimulate the imagination, have educational value and are fun to play with.

Villa carton was established in 2006 with their first product: the big cardboard play Castle. You might have seen them somewhere or maybe you even owe one! Since 2012 Villa Carton started to cooperate with Joypac for all cardboard products resulting in their complete collection being re-styled and re-newed.

The designers of Villa carton have many more innovative ideas and they want to take each year a couple of these new ideas into production. We can’t wait to find out what else they will come up with!

On their website you will not only find castles and costumes but cardboard storage boxes, rocking chairs, cotton flip dolls and much much more.

Villa Carton

Costume Pirate

Rocking chair

Flip dolls DYE