While Mother Goose was weaving fairy tales and nursery rhymes, Uncle Goose turned his talents to another playroom classic: building blocks. Craftspeople and artisans came from far and wide to make Uncle Goose blocks that have the look and feel of traditional wooden alphabet blocks, but with an educational twist. Along with the ABCs, Uncle Goose block sets are adorned with math symbols, scientific images, historic leaders and foreign languages.

So just who is this Uncle Goose character? Pete Bultman runs the family business, which his father started in Michigan in 1983. Pete continues the tradition set by his father of using quality materials to recreate nostalgic toys that mix playing and learning in a graphic, tactile way.

We’re really in love with learning, design, and creativity. And we love blocks.

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Uncle Goose

ABC blocks

Antics Ant Block Set

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