With Easter around the corner Alexander is getting excited as he will get to go and see his grandparents whom live in London. His nana organises the best egg-and-spoon races in town! And you know who else will be travelling to London!!? Yep, it’s Tovi!

Tovi the penguin goes to London is another great addition to the Tovi series.

“It’s raining again and Tovi and his friends decide to take a trip to get away from the bad weather. How about going to London? Will they have a good time? Let’s find out …”


Alexander enjoyed enjoyed to story and loved searching for the London landmarks thanks to the “What did you see?” feature at the end of the book.

Close up

The end

Janina Rossiter’s books are aimed at childen age 2-6 years old and are essentially about friendship. The penguins go on little adventures together and things don’t always go as originally planned. It gives the young (and older) reader some excitement so that they look forward to knowing how it all turns out in the end. Her main aim is to make the reader smile and enjoy Tovi’s story as he is a lovely character and she would like to think that the reader learns something from her books without them being overly educational.

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