I remember when I was small having a book, a cosy place to sit and time to lose yourself in a great adventure was a perfect way to spend a some time. But in this modern age of computer games and Netflix how do you lure your child away from the screen and encourage them to pick up a book instead?

I think children will read more if their books are easily accessible and out on display. For very young children this means having bookcases at toddler height and with the covers facing forwards so they can easily identify their favourites.

But it’s about more than just access, creating the right environment is also important, and placing a simple welcoming childrens storage box on the floor next to a beanbag or pile of cushions will encourage your child to pick up a book and flop down to read. The beauty of the children’s storage box is that it’s portable and can be carried around from room to room, from chair to sofa or even taken outside to a garden chair or tent.  It’s sturdy and won’t topple over no matter how many books you put in it.  You can easily rotate the books every few days, pop a new book in from time to time, and gradually increase the complexity from pictures to simple words.  Your child will love to visit their storage box each day to see what’s new – learning through discovery.


But I speak from experience when I say children love going to the library, I take my son two or three times a week sometimes so he can flop in the comfy chairs and leaf through his favourite – we always meet his school friends there. So a comfortable chair or beanbag next to a wall-mounted bookcase is a brilliant way of making a booknook at home in a smaller space. The Tidy Books bookcase is perfect for this, freeing up floor space in a small space and displaying different sizes of books, from tiny Mr Men to an outsized Atlas.

Choose from alphabet or plain panels, or create your child’s very own personalised bookcase.  

Tidy Books Case

Founded in 2004 by Geraldine Grandidier, Tidy Books‘ ethos is to create timeless designs for children which will be your family heirloom, not landfill. They use FSC certified sustainable lime wood on all Tidy Books designs, and finish them in their pioneering water lacquer which is kid-safe, and better for the planet. Every product is a little bit individual; it’s hand-finished before being carefully packed. If you choose to personalise your Tidy Books, they create it by hand in their HQ. It’s all part of their old-fashioned customer service to you.

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