Summer is just around the corner, and we’re definitely in the mood for some outdoor adventures. But thanks to this lovely play tent by French design company Deuz, available at Tipiyou, camping no longer has to be limited to the summer months… This play tent has indoor and outdoor fun written all over it.

Deuz play tent Tipiyou

Printed in India with non-toxic ink on to an organic cotton base, and with a wooden frame made in the Jura region of France by local craftsmen using only locally sourced materials from sustainable forests, there is no doubt that the quality has been as carefully considered as the design itself.

We love the print, we love the available colours – and we adore the little window and the door that can be ‘opened’ or ‘closed’ using the printed ties. And when play time is over, the whole thing can be easily dismantled and stored away inside its very own printed cotton bag. Perfect for the smaller Parisian apartments.


Oh and please note, Deuz offers an incredibly cute miniature version of the tent especially for toys as well! And why not indeed – the ‘mini tent’ is the perfect hideaway for all those favourite bits and pieces…. teddies, dinosaurs, dolls, cars, whatever their imagination decides. And it comes with a little handle so can be easily carried from one adventure to the next.

After all, why should toys miss out on all the fun?

Click here to check out all available designs at the webshop Tipiyou.