He might look very cute but he doesn’t like to walk long distances… I’m getting so fed up with carrying my little one. “I’m going to walk today mummy so let’s leave the ‘pousette’ at home..” Ten meters down the road I already find myself carrying him. On my back, on my shoulders, in my arms… He is nearly 15 kg, so we have to find another solution because this is simply exhausting, and killing my back.

Why not just take the pushchair everywhere we go!? Living in a big city is great but the metro stops that have elevators in Paris we can count on one hand. And it’s not unusual that once you’ve carried the pushchair and your child all the way down to the barriers they then tell you to go to the next metro stop because they simply refuse to open the door for you….

So, I’m seriously considering buying a Piggyback Rider. Which is basically a back pack frame which the child can stand on and still be on your back. Which while sounding a little crazy is actually really awesome.

The Piggyback Rider

“Compact and light so you can put it in a bag and whip it out when you need it. Your child will be safe and enjoy being at your same height, while you can enjoy having both hands free. You can finally leave the pushchair at home!”

Click here to go to the Piggyback Rider’s website for more information,,,,

What do you think of the Piggyback Rider?!