The Lazy Jellyfish was founded in 2012 in Barcelona by best friends, Ani and Bego. Their aim was to combine their passion for design, colours, fun and different artistic disciplines and despite the name there’s nothing lazy about them.

Items such as their fabric guitar  available in different sizes) both fun and comfort for children, and they achieve this by using simple complimentary patterns.

Sustainability is a key element behind the production processes as is collaborating with others artists and we love the outcome.

Yes we’re fans of  these two fans of the 80s and 90s! The Lazy Jellyfish will become your new favourite brand for children’s textile toys.

You’ll see! 

It’s a bank holiday today in France and we’re about to walk out of the door with our gitar to go and make some music! Stay tuned for the review!

the lazy jellyfish

Let the whole world know

We are having fun

Let’s play our song.

Surrender to the melody

Plant the seed.

Free yourself

Lead the way.

Take a ride with me

Need some help.

Switch on the lights

The show begins!

Toys keep on playing

even when you’re not looking.