In times of hyperprotected and hyperassisted children, Little Champions, a new Barcelona-based brand for children, has the objective of designing products for boys and girls in order to help them be more autonomous in their day-to-day lives.

Initiated by Magda Dávila and Andrea Zazurca, the brand arose as a result of one of Andrea Zazurca’s experiences as a mother:

When my daughter Marta began to go to preschool, the teachers asked us to dress our children in comfortable clothes. I tried to, but with my motherly vision of her dressed perfectly cute and fun, I realized the majority of days my daughter looked as if she had escaped from Vogue magazine.

One day, the teacher got my attention. My daughter had an accident because she wasn’t able to get her adorable stretchy pants – with buttons and zippers- that I had dressed her in down by herself. My daughter wasn’t able to push up her sleeves and she got them wet when she washed her hands because of the little button at the cuff of the shirt.

Can you imagine the satisfaction that she could have felt if she had known that she had to pee, went to the bathroom, pulled her pants down, went and was able to pull them back up all by herself?
The girl had just felt frustrated rather than having her self-esteem grow because she was able to complete all of the small routines successfully, by herself.

This is how Little Champions was conceived. Their philosophy is to foster child autonomy through better design.

The founders of Little Champions met with teachers, pedagogues and psychologists to discuss the obstacles to autonomy that children face in their first stages of development, such as building their own skills.

Together, they identified possible solutions, which then materialised in products such as a bath towel, Autonomy; a bib, Big Bib Hurray!; and a dress, Let Me Dress, so that even the littlest ones can dress themselves alone.

The products of Little Champions are meant for children between the ages of 0 and 6 years, the time of the foundation and the development of their capabilities and the time when they learn to be autonomous.

The brand will take its very first steps at Playtime Paris this summer, from June 30th to July 2nd! Until then, follow them on Instagram!