Parents of today may not look like the parents of the past. We love mummies and daddies who cherish, celebrate, and own their bodies. They express themselves in unique and personal ways, sometimes by adorning their skin with artful tattoos. Tattoos are totally the new black, and you can’t deny that children love them too.

As much as our own parents may moan over tattoos, children tend to be transfixed by them. Don’t you remember going to the temporary tattoo vending machines at the supermarket and wanting the snarling black panther and ornate yin-yang tattoos? Can’t say they were the most attractive illustrations, but we children loved them anyway! Why settle for tacky tattoos though?

So, it is with delight that I happened across a rather lovely designer called Rosie Wonders.

Rosie Marshall, the designer behind Rosie Wonders, appears to like all the same stuff as me. Unicorns, Russian dolls, birds, flowers, seahorses, pineapples… her range of stationery, accessories, and temporary tattoos is a colourful celebration of All My Favourite Things (and Alexander’s!).

Alexander and I are mega-into temporary tattoos at the moment and Rosie’s tattoos are just brilliant. We love the Russian dolls, butterflydinosaur, and OF COURSE we both want a unicorn adorning our arms. 

Do you like fake tattoos as much as we do?!

Shop the collection of Rosie Wonders at My Little Day