Founded late 1998, Danish brand RICE product range is absolutely amazing and full of vibrant colours and designs. You just have to have them for your children, yourself and your home! 

All Rice products are designed and developed in Denmark, and are produced in the third world without using child labour or sweatshops so we are very proud to feature them on the blog today.

rice design
Why RICE? we asked Charlotte, founder of RICE. “Rice is a basic food item and in many countries it is vital for survival. This is why the name appeals to us. In fact, many people in Madagascar receive a bag of rice as part of their salary.”

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Kids Design



Have fun mixing a rainbow selection; be strict with your yourself and opt for super-single-colour-mindedness; Go DARK and bold or PALE and interesting; or go minimalist, and go all WHITE .. Whichever you choose, these wonderful Melamine cups push the funky, colour-fix button!