This morning my three year old boy poured me a cup of coffee out of his toy watering can. He carefully brought it over on a tray and warned me that this invisible coffee was very hot. Gotta love play kitchen’s.

Alexander, 3 years old, is really interested in pretend play and loves to play in his IKEA play kitchen with friends. He knows how to make a quiche, bake cupcakes, toss together a fresh salad and overcook his eggs in a hot pan.

If you are planning on buying your little one’s a kitchen for Christmas, birthday or any other special occasion… I can highly recommend the Ikea one, but I have selected some other play kitchen’s for you as well with the best accessoiries.

kitchen for girls

[1. Kitchen, 2. Fish set 3. Coffee and tea set 4. Apron 5. Crepe set ]

The girl in the photograph is the daughter of La Fete’s owner Nora. Not only you can buy the most beautiful hand made designs in her webshop, Nora also write’s tutorials. If you are handy, you can make this apron yourself! Click here to go to the tutorial.

play kitchen for boys

[1. BBQ, 2. Fish, 3. Cheese platter, 4. Fruit basket, 5. Chicken]

Instead of a kitchen I picked a bbq, so much fun! For girls as well! And how cool is that cheese platter!?

 Play kitchen

[1.Coffee maker, 2. Sushi set, 3. Salad, 4. Pots and pans, 5. kitchen, 6. Apron]

Believe I picked my own favourite’s… I like a nespresso coffee in the morning, a salad for luch and sushi at night!