Designed and created with love and traditional craftsmanship in Europe. The brand Ooh Noo combines old-world charm with minimalist contemporary design.

Made from the highest quality materials, the bedding is soft, yet durable, and features original artwork that will appeal to both girls and boys alike. In fact Ooh Noo was created when one of the brand’s designers wanted bedding that she could mix and match for both her children. Unisex bedding, that was well designed and made of materials that could be washed and dried again and again while getting better with age.

Ooh Noo is designed to be passed down and to stand the test of generations, giving new meaning to the term hand-me-downs. 

The collection also includes a range of toys such as the Alphabet Blocks, Googy Rocking Horse and the award-winning Mr Crocodile on a Stick

When it comes to children, they don’t compromise: everything is hand-made exclusively out of traditional materials.

The collection is constantly updated with new and exciting designs and items. Most of them are very exclusive as Ooh Noo only produces a small number of items in each design and colour.


ooh noo bedding and toys - kidsdesign

Ooh Noo bedding and toys

oh noo

A beautiful rocking horse


Ten wooden alphabet blocks in a pure linen sack


ooh noo moccs

Baby and toddler moccs in tan and white


Prime racing equipment for any youngster. Horse on a stick with a wheel, to go even faster.