Nuukk was founded by Andréa Hild in Berlin in 2010 and focuses on the simple things that make life sweet.

Their products, for children and for adults, include stickers, postcards, light bags, various stamps and much more. 

Its’s especially the stamps that I like. They are supberb for designing wrapping paper, greeting cards and much more stationery. But did you know that you can perfectly use them for printing on fabric as well? 


Here’s some inspiration:

1.What you have to keep in mind is that new fabric might have some special finishig applied to. You need to wash that out first.
2. What you need: stamps (Who would have guessed!) stamp fabric paint, ink pad, iron
3. You best keep to the instructions on the ink. Normally you’ll afterwards be able to wash the fabric on 40C. 

Have fun!

NUUKK is available here




A little chalk town for hallways and childrens’ rooms!


Luminaries available in different designs

Panda boxes

Little fun boxes