There is just about nothing better than seeing the joy and complete wonderment in the face of a young child as they learn to fly their first kite. Thats why we go for the Noted Mini Kites today.

The Japanese have a history of decorating kites with magnificent images of gods, warriors, actors and creatures. In fact, the rectangular shape of the Japanese Kakudako kite is particularly suited to being a “canvas” for art. Inspired by this tradition, the compact Kakudako Mini Kites feature illustrations by four contemporary artists. The kites use a bamboo framework designed and made in Japan, and a Tvyek kite printed in the USA, which is more durable than traditional rice paper.

These sweet little kites are easy to assemble, easy to fly, and a pleasure to watch soar aloft.

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Noted Mini kites

Ces adorables petits cerfs-volants sont faciles à assembler et à faire voler. C’est un vrai plaisir que de les observer en l’air.

Noted mini kite

Noted artful flyer

We are not only in love with the beautiful kites but we like these artful flyers as well. Artful Flyers are quality balsa, wood rubber band-powered model planes made in the USA and transformed by art into delightful flying machines. The planes assemble quickly and easily so you can dazzle observers with lofty flights and graceful landings.