Good morning! All day today I will be taking over Nofred ‘s Instagram account! Now you might wonder… Who’s Nofred?! Well..

Nofred is a Scandinavian kids design brand with a worldly outlook and a humble intake. The brand was founded by two passionate travellers with a desire to make the view from your front room a little wider and your life at home more spacious.

Inspired by the stuff of souvenirs, snapshots and unfamiliar scenes, Nofred’s ideas are born out of fleeting moments and yet their products are designed to live with you and your family long term.

At Nofred, they believe it is the little things that make up the big picture.

We’re completely in love with this Mouse Chair but there are many other nice items as well. We have selected some of our favourites for you ….


Nofred Mouse Chair


The Mouse Chair



Beautiful posters



Baby and Junior bedlinen


 See you hopefully on Instagram! (click here to go straight to their account)

A bientot!