Today we would like to introduce you to Natti Natti, founded in 2015 by Shannon Althin and her husband. Natti Natti is an organic bedding & decor brand offering you a modern, bold, and playful collection of duvet sets, baby blankets, pillows growth charts and art prints. Something soft, fun, and inspiring to snuggle up with at bedtime and dream up adventures big and small.

Before having children, Shannon and her husband owned and operated an art gallery in Brooklyn. With a strong desire to work from home when their daughter Emma was born, the two began exploring their interests in sewing, fabrics, and textile design.

After their son Luke was born, they came up with the idea for a bedding company catering to the needs of both a newborn and a toddler transitioning into a big bed. Soon after they launched Natti Natti, which means “Nighty Night” in Shannon’s native (Swedish) language.

We see polka-dots, twigs, sleepy-eyed pillow cases and original wall art featuring a numberless of silly characters round out its lovable assortment of goods.

Head over to Nati Nati’s website to find out more and shop the full range.

natti natti kids design



It was Natti Natti’s unique duvet pockets that caught our attention. Inspired by Shannon’s favourite pocket t-shirt, the pocket duvet sets allow a child’s favourite lovey to nestle beside him or her.

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