Meet ‘My name is Simone’. Original characters such as a superhero from a B movie, Jean-Louis an accountant and my own favorite… Mister K. 

‘My name is Simone’ is founded by Caroline Castagna-Suarez. Originally from Toulouse, France, she left after graduating high school to discover Paris and studied art. It’s when she started working as an artistic director when she realised adulthood was not all that fun. Caroline decided to create a universe of very unique characters, poking fun at daily life and fighting against the seriousness that comes with growing old. Each of the characters has it’s own name, story and personality. Styled with glasses and moustaches the characters look funny and a little retro.

My favourite Mister K is from the Paris-Paris collection, a tribute to all the great names of Couture. She also designed a Rock’n Dolls collection, a tribute to the great names of Pop Music.

The decorative toys of ‘My name is Simone are made from 100% Bio Cotton. Aren’t the bright and vibrant colours of the dolls hard to resist!? I believe it would make the perfect gift for children!

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My name is Simone Doll

My name is Simone Doll

My name is Simone Doll

Rock'n Roll! series