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My little boy is growing up and there are a list of things that out of nowhere, appear to embarrass him.

For example he will not ride in a stroller anymore, even when he is exhausted and we’ve been walking around the city all day, because he is afraid “someone will see!”. He will not leave the house in his pajamas because for the same reason nor will he go into the ladies room in public with me without loudly protesting that he can’t go in there because yup, “someone will see!”.

A couple of weeks ago, my son turned 5 . That same week, we were riding on a metro home from a playdate when a nice looking young woman came on board. He gawked, he gaped and he stared at her. That is, until she noticed and I said to her, “Je pense mon fils qu’il vous aime.” (I hope that’s right for “I think my son likes you”.) He then proceeded to turn his back to me (and her) and turned bright red. When we arrived home, he told my husband that I “embarrassed” him.

I may be sad that my son is growing up and has to endure all the gruesome self-consciousness that comes along with it (he gets embarrassed about girls!), but it’s a whole new power to know that I have ability to embarrass him, and that definitely counts for something. And yes, I realize that this means that my days blogging about his ridiculousness may be drawing to a close sooner than I thought…

[A couple of photo’s of Alexander taken earlier today when he came home from school. He just sat there and played for such a long time with his Baghera car and horse transport truck, via Kidshop. All clothes by the French brand Tape a L’Oeil

Alexander in Tape a L'oeil

My little boy is definitely growing up!


Cool cargo trousers by Tape a L’Oeil.

Close up

T-shirt Tape a L'oeil

Hampton patterned t-shirt by Tape a L’Oeil.

Always Silly

This trendy Tape a L’Oeil pullover is perfect for winter! And this is typical Alexander! Silly boy!

[TAPE A L’OEIL, a French brand for children from birth up to 14 years old that offers a great selection of t-shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, onesies, nightwear, underwear, shoes, accessories and even a line of ‘Ceremonie’ apparel for boys and girls with fancier wear for weddings and other special events.]