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When I saw these photo’s on the blog Et Dieu Crea taken by Paris based photographer Charlotte Badelon it brought back some sweet memories.

I remember my mother dressing me and my sisters as fairies when we were little, complete with wings, and she would take us to a friend’s house outside the city. We were let loose in the most beautiful garden, looking like tiny woodland nymphs.

Sometimes I still drive past that house when I’m heading in or out of town and I remember little ballet slippered feet running over tiny bridges and past flowery bushes, stopping to grace the fish pond with their glittering presence.

I remember thinking that maybe my wand really will make that flower bloom or make that dog or cat speak. I remember running, breeze in my hair, feeling that overwhelming bliss.

I really like being an adult. I like my freedom and the fact that I no longer need a car seat. But sometimes, when I’m driving down the highway by myself at night, I roll down the windows and throw my hand out into the night, letting the wind in to whip through and destroy my hair. I’ll turn the radio up and I’ll let myself give into that bliss, that sweet joy of freedom and innocence. And I’ll pretend I’m wearing fairy wings.

Get inspired by Mia and Lou who went on a trip to Ferme du Piqueur, in parc de St Cloud. 



Fairy Lou

Lou and Mia

Ferme de Piquer

mia in Jacadi


Lou as a fairy

Lou is wearing a faux fur beige-grey donkey cape and magic wand by the brand Numéro 74, like something straight out of the fairytale!!! Underneath her cape she wears a stunning Sergent Major dress and pink ballerina’s by Easy Peasy.

Mia wears a dress and collar by Jacadi and shoes by Easy Peasy.

Big thanks to Elisa from the French blog Et Dieu CreaKidding Presse, blogger Claire for sharing her memories and photographer Charlotte Badelon.