One of the hardest questions I have to answer every year: what do I want for Christmas? No, I’m not asking myself that question. This is the people around me who intend on getting me a present asking me that question.

My parents and grandparents always wanted a list, and I gave it to them. Even when I couldn’t think of anything, I found things to put on there. I couldn’t stand the thought missing out on Christmas.

Realistically, my parents would never let that happen – disappoint me, that is. But as a small child, I felt as if my Christmas list was a complete representation of how Christmas was going to be. The more things that I could think of to put on there, the better my Christmas was going to be (the mind of the young, eh).

If I couldn’t think of anything to put on my list, there was this fear that Christmas was just going to be “meh.”

As we get older, we become aware of more than just the presents. At least, this how I feel every time I make a Christmas list. If I’m honest, since I became a mummy my list is getting shorter and shorter…

Today I would like to introduce you to the Christmas collection of the Dutch jewelry brand LOVY. Jewelry that I wish existed when I was a little girl as a new bracelet or tiara would have totally made it to the list.

LOVY is a beautiful and creative jewelry designer for both girls, boys and mothers. This winter, they shine with a new, and elegant collection entitled Perles & Étoiles.

Lovy jewelry

The collection consists of bracelets, necklaces and earrings, made from carefully selected materials that give the jewelry a timeless and luxurious look.

Lovy Jewelry

LOVY’s jewelry is made of chic freshwater pearls and sparkly Swarovski crystals, enclosed in a base of sterling silver. From baby jewelry for the little ones, exclusively for their first Christmas, to festive jewelry for children. Mothers and grandmothers can have matching sets. They turn simple dress into a festive outfit in an instant. All jewelry can be adjusted, so children can wear them for plenty of holidays.



The photo shoot for this collection took place at various locations in the heart of Paris. In a relaxed way, Emily Kornya captured the French child models in a festive environment with some styling help from me. 

Les enfants a Paris

Yes, LOVY even has jewelry for boys.


Exactly the way LOVY likes to see it: children can be children, even when they wear beautiful festive outfits together with these special children’s jewelry.




Alexander and Rose

Children's jewelry

Rima for Lovy Christmas Collection

lea and amy





Special thanks to Pale Cloud, Lazy Francis, AliOli Kids, Louis Louise and Six Pied Trois Pouces for providing their beautiful children’s fashion.