We all remember our first bike. Even if it had nothing special, it will always be our first bike. Just try to imagine your memories if your first bike had been a LITTLE TOKYOBIKE!

Tokyobike is one of the coolest bicycle design brand. Children’s version of these bicycle designers is called LITTLE Tokyobike, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

They have the same features and the same approach in design as the grown up version, but shrunk to perfection. Simple design and great details. A return to the mid-80’s!

Little Tokyobike come in a very carefully chosen palette of colors, made up of six exquisite colors. And logically, it also comes equipped with learning wheels, for which balance represents a problem. It is designed, like other adult models, to achieve maximum performance, with low weight and great ergonomics.

Yes, it’s time to look around you, and if you are alone, you can shout: “I want one !!!!”

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