I’m pretty sure you are familiar with one of the best gifts on the markets, the TimeCapsule. Well, from the same wonderful Make History team, founder, idea creator and owner Anouk van der El, product designer Ivan Kasner and graphic designers Mae Engelgeer and Marloes Sijm are so proud to bring us the Little Quote Jar.

People say crazy, funny, not-be-forgotten things alot in our life, whether it’s children saying the darndest things or your colleagues cracking you up with one-liners, the team has come up with yet another beautiful and sentimental product that is going to help us keep all the great memories, and great quotes.

I wish I had a little notepad with me during our holiday last week. Imagine 16 hours in the car with a 3 – year old whom doesn’t stop talking, the things that came out… “Papa, if you are angry, you lose your temperature right?!” Lol.

Little Quote Jar is a glass jar with a cork top, and it comes with two little notepads and a pencil. The adorable jar looks great whether it’s on your kitchen counter or on a book shelf. Always there full of the best times and the little treasures of things the people around you have said.

The Little Quote Jar is available at the webshop Orange Mayonnaise and so is the TimeCapsule.


Little Quote Jar


Little Quote Jar