A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a give away, via Instagram, from a new store called Life and Lemons. I entered and before I knew it I’d won the Ikonik calendar. Me, a winner?! I never ever win anything!

Life and Lemons is a new online concept store for lifestyle products that make you happy. The shop is run by the Dutch Esther van Wezel and Laura van der Linde, they are two friends who share the same taste and humor. 

Esther and Laura love beautiful things like home interior design, photography, friendship, good wine, traveling and pretty gifts. They stock some exciting brands like Darling Clementine, HoopsyDaisies, Petersen and many others from all around the world.

To check out their Kids collection and all the other nice things … Click here.


Beautiful garlands available for boys and girls.

Pear Poster

Super cute wall art posters from Scandinavian design duo Darling Clementine.

Paris Map

This guide comprises 40 spots that all family members will enjoy: places to eat, museums, shops, parks and other sights.