I had several “houses” as a little girl – Barbie’s Townhouse, of course, but then a real wooden one. My father’s granddad spent weeks building the house and “wallpapering” it with real leftover wallpaper from my parents own home. It was gorgeous. Later on I cut out pictures from magazines and glued them on the walls as posters and made bedding from the scraps of my mother’s sewing. As I got older, the house simply became “the big house” where my people went after they finished riding their ponies, I was far more into my horse stables then…

A doll house is still such a classic toy that it seems a shame to miss out on having one if you don’t have daughters, but they’re often so feminine in style that it’s hard to convince little boys of the fun that can be had playing with them. One design company has just made that problem go away. Meet ‘Las Casitas’ by Knoknoknok.

The Spanish brand Knoknoknok has created an awesome modern doll house for all children and for parents who find the cliche of gendered dollhouses undesirable, but who also find many modernist dollhouses lacking a sense of joy and imagination. Made from translucent acrylic, these beautifully designed pieces will be a feature in your home as well as being a fun and sturdy, imagination stirring toy!

‘Las Casitas’ come in 3 bright neon colours; yellow, red and blue and are currently available in 2 sizes; Serie S and Serie XL. They also offer Duo and Trio packages. 

Stay tuned for an interview with Knoknoknok next Monday! “This is just the beginning”…


Knoknoknok 'Les Casita'

Alexander is so happy with his La Casita! Totally boy proof!



Unisex dollhouse



Alexander’s T-shirt is by the French brand Ma Locomotion