Brrrr, it’s definitely getting colder in Paris and those awful showers, yikes … BUT, I am looking forward to winter time. Why? Because I got an email from Esther’s Dikhooff brand Iniemini and soon after she sent me a couple of samples of her knitwear for a review.

Esther is the founder of Iniemini. It all started when she found out she was expecting twins and couldn’t find the items she was looking for so she decided to start knitting. She now designs baby clothing and accessories. And wow, I love her products.

Esther sent me a little matching set that the cute Lily was happy to model on a very hot day. Brave girl, bravo! The head and scarf are handknitted and they come in two different sizes, 0-6 months and 6-12 months. Lily is wearing the 6-12 months set. You can find a couple of colours on Iniemini’s website but if you prefer a different colour, don’t hesitate to contact Esther. Even a different size is no problem.



Matching set

I also received very nice little baby shoes in a stunning blue colour. I always find it hard to judge knitwear when I see it online, but honestly, this is really well-made. It also makes a great gift.

Iniemini's little shoes

LIttle shoes

A gift

Iniemini sells more….

Little houses

Little houses



Have a look at Iniemini’s website to find out more about her designs. If you see something you like you can send an email to