I love wooden toys. There is just something special about holding and playing with a wooden toy. Maybe it is the smell. Perhaps  the way a wooden toy feels. Or better yet it reminds you of the many ways trees bless us on a daily basis. Well imagine playing with 16 or better yet 32 wooden Flockmen? I hear you think… Flockmen?

Now these are not your average wooden toys. Flockmen are sustainable wooden toys that have been thoughtfully created by dedicated parents to enhance children’s ability to learn and discover the world through play. Made out of sustainable, high quality birch plywood they will last for generations to come.

These Flockmen are designed in such a unique way so that your child (or even you!) can stack them up on top of each other. This toy helps your child become confident builders. Your child will be able to solve problems and are able to decide how or where to put the next Flockmen without making all of his friends fall down.

Flockmen have a unique ability to bring your family together for enjoyable moments of playing and learning together. They are perfect companions for children from 2-10 years old.

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