Learning to use their imagination is an important step in the cognitive development of all children, but traditionally once children reach a certain age, they are encouraged to push these fantasies aside and deal with the real world. Increasingly child-development experts are recognising the continued importance of encouraging the imagination and the role it plays in the social development of a child. Imagination is necessary for learning about people and events we can’t directly experience, such as history or far away events.

For young kids, it allows them to ponder the future, such as what they want to do when they grow up.

Children love role-playing. Dressing up and costumes brings the absolute best out in Alexander for example, and he seldom needs more than a cloth or a blanket to transform into a magician, or travel to a far way land. Well, with the new Fabelab dream-in-collection makes it easy and fun to be spontaneous! You use it as a blanket / duvet for baby, then when the duvet is outgrown it lives on as costumes.

The only thing you have to do is pull out the velcro strips in the top corners, close them around your neck and use this beautiful organic duvet cover as a magicians coat, a superhero cape or a king’s gown!

Fab! And there’s even more if you scroll down…

Fabelab dream-in-collection


Baby bedding set

This soft baby duvet cover in organic cotton turns into a friendly-ghost costume! Evert the overlap to reveal the friendly ghost eyes. Crawl into the duvet cover and put your arms through the holes on the sides – huhuuuuu!

Kids Design

Fabelab has come up with some other great accesories as well such as this cute garland do decorate your little one’s room with.


A cute crown … (available in 2 colour combinations)


A sleepy ghost …


A mask … (available in 3 colours)

Fabelab mask

** Check out Fabelab’s website here to shop online or find a retailer near you in Fabelab’s store finder **

The play-fold blankets were the first products of Fabelab’s collection, inspired by origami folds. An amazing blanket where Michaela Weisskirchner-Barfod, founder of the Danish design studio combined 3 functions in one. A sleeping bag, a blanket and a bird. She also introduced orgami in a new way because the blanket can be folded in various ways and even end up as a swan.

The colours are subtile in a beautuful mix and will look great in the children’s bedroom and even in the livingroom.

We have written about them here