Whilst doing some online shopping in one of my favourite webshops Orange Mayonnaise, I came across the Crumpled City Maps! How come I have not discovered them before!? Quite often we have friends coming over to Paris and they are all using our one and only city guide with lots of post-its inside.. Great for some insiders tips, but the map nearly falls apart!

Palomar is an Italian design company based in Florence, which develops highly creative design and totally new brilliant objects. These illustrated maps belong to the series of the Crumpled City™ Family, the unique and indestructible maps that won’t need to get folded.

The special material makes these maps just perfect for children. They’re soft, extremely light, ultra resistant and 100% waterproof. They can be handed roughly as well as crumpled up into a ball and chucked away in a rucksack, without the worry of folding

Each Crumpled City map has an index of monuments, museums, galleries, buildings, parks and historical places that give you a real taste of the city you are visiting. They are designed clearly, using colour and strong lines, making each map very easy to use in navigating your way around. Such a great way to explore a new city with your children!

I’ve featured the Paris map but many other cities are available as well. They also have Crumpled City Family packs. Two maps per city; a Junior edition and an adult edition. You can check them all out here.

Paris Crumbled City Map

The Paris map for children

Crumpled City Maps

Map for children

crumpled-city-paris-map-family-pack-crumpled-city-paris-map-family-pack (2)

Map for adults

crumpled-city-paris-map-family-pack-crumpled-city-paris-map-family-pack (1)

Many cities available!