Oh, don’t we all want our children to have fun, lots of fun, because nothing in this world is better than putting a smile on your little one’s face, but, often in order for them to learn, grow and have as much fun as possible, we have to let them do a few things on their own.

Children like to mimic their parents, act a little bit like us, and what better way to do that than driving around in their very own cars? We think these ride-on cars by Baghera are probably the coolest way for any young child to get around and even in the big city, that is possible!

Surrounded by a team of talented and enthusiastic designers, Baghera creates pedal cars, ride-ons and wooden toys. Every product is the result of several hours of work, either for the conception, the design or the implementation. Baghera pays special attention to the quality of the production and the safety of children. Something that we find very important.

Check out the Baghera cars here.

[All photo’s taken by Emily Kornya]

Photography by Emily Kornya, children’s fashion photographer who works throughout Europe. She has recently moved back to Europe after completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature, Russian Literature in translation and South Slavic Studies at The University of Toronto.

Special thanks to our clothing sponsor Marie-Chantal