One of the most important lessons that we learn early on in our childhood is our A-B-C’s. Learning the alphabet is the first step towards learning how to write, learning to construct sentences, learning your consonants and vowels, understanding grammar, and so many other important English (or any other language) elements that are essential for both school and life. All of these different important essentials begin with the A-B-C’s, and therefore, it’s very beneficial to reinforce them in your own home with your own children. 

abcLuckily, just like with many other elements of learning and cognitive development, there are fun alphabet games that you can play at home to help make learning the A-B-C’s fun!

In order to help encourage both play time and learning letters, Ooh Noo has created their very own wooden alphabet blocks that allow children to interact with letters. On top of that, Ooh Noo has added the numbers 0-9, too.

They come in a pure linen bag and you can choose from white or black letters.  The blocks are made of solid wood and not treated with anything.

Alphabet blocks are the classic toy that no playroom can do without!

The alphabet blocks are available here

Ooh Noo was born out of a young mothers love and desire to produce both unisex and quality products for her children. The whole Ooh Noo line is thought up, designed and produced all in the European Union, it truly is community of people, who create and sell these cute little things because they love to.




All items in photographs are by Ooh Noo