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The talented photographer Wesley Marlissa, and husband of blogger Lisa! recently started taking photographs for Les enfants a Paris, you might have noticed? So far he has only photographed his own children for LEAP but there is more to come soon. 

Being based in Paris City gives him enormous amounts of possibilities regarding scenery, atmosphere and inspiration. His work is original and has even inspired others to pick up their camera and capture the world. Wesley’s work appears mostly on Parisian online magazines.

Wesley is specialized in headshot photography so if you live in Paris and need headshots to sell yourself to new customers, employers, booking agents etc…. Or maybe your children are into modelling and need headshots?! Get in touch with us using the contact form or contact Wesley directly here

Wesley Marlissa

Ma Locomotion

Headshot photography in Paris.

Like the T-shirt Wesley is wearing? 

Ma Locomotion offers a range of vintage t-shirts inspired by the world of locomotion, transport and travel.

With a dash of humor, a zest of imagination, and a pinch of rock to spice up the most classic outfit, Ma Locomotion provides beautiful vintage shirts for children and adults, made within the standards of ethical commerce.

Produced in small series, the vintage Ma Locomotion shirts are made by manufacturers using environmentally friendly processes (water-based inks without heavy metals).