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Simple yet sophisticated, Humblea in his new jacket from NOCH mini, an organic children’s label from New York. Perfect for a nice sunny but windy day in Paris in August.

Humblea in Noch Mini - Paris in August

For most Paris residents, the month of August seems to be missing from their city calendars. Basically, you (and hordes of other visitors, of course) have the city to yourselves. Traffic nearly grinds to a halt on the streets, and activities like cycling or rollerblading around the city are rarely more pleasant. The metro may be overpacked and sweltering, but stressed commuters have been replaced with cheerful packs of vacationers. The mood is perhaps less authentically Parisian than at other times of the year, but having lived here for a couple of years now, I can tell you that it can be very pleasant. To add to the fun, free events like open-air cinema, live music, and beaches along the Seine river gives the temporary illusion that Paris is a resort town or amusement park. Looking for something to do? Check out Leap’s ‘hotspots’.

Organic Kids Fashion

Humblea is wearing his new jacket from NOCH mini. Perfect for this time of the year. It’s stylish, light, well made and so easy to combine. Like it?

NOCH mini designs simple, sophisticated, well-designed, comfortable children’s clothing that’s also all-organic. All items in the NOCH collection are free from harsh chemicals and use low-impact dyes. And of course the designs are unbelievably cute—drop-crotch shorts and pants, gorgeous rompers and overalls, shift dresses for the girls, and button-ups in the most fabulous of prints for boys are included in this summer’s collection. Feel free to check out the rest of their collection here!

Noch Mini

Other items: T-shirt, JeansTiger Trainers

Location: Rue Jolilet, 75014 Paris (great little park for kids)

Photographs taken by Wesley Marlissa