Over a space of more than 7,000 m², at Paris Expo, the event ‘From the age of the dinosaurs to the Ice Age’ proposes to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors – to discover their natural habitat. Visitors can observe 75 animated real-size dinosaurs and prehistoric animals which breathe, move and respond to noise. It’s a travel back in time to discover the world as it was more than 150 million years ago, from the Quaternary era (that the reign of ice and men) to the Mesozoic era (where the dinosaurs reigned).

Visitors will come face to face with specimens (tyrannosauruses, mammoths) that are as great as nature itself. There is a total of 28 scenes on offer to you, accompanied by legends about the origin, history and characteristics of the animals, with panels on the phenomena that occurred on the planet over 200 millions ago, the formation of the territories and the theories on the causes of how the dinosaurs disappeared.


We visted the exhibition yesterday with friends. The exhibition was not crowded at all and in fact we got to walk the exhibition twice, at our own leisure and it was very pleasant because of the lack of crowds! Oh and no queues so we could walk straight in. 

It takes about 45 minutes to do the walk through and there is an auditory tour (this is included in the ticket price) available too for those who want more information on each dinosaur in the exhibition. (The audio is available in English and French) At the end of the expo there is even a dinosaur “ride” where kids can sit on 3 different animals. Four dinosaurs you can climb so you can get your photograph taken and they’re showing a film.

Definitely worth going if you ask us! The animals look so real!! Find more information or a link to book tickets here

Dino expo

Dinosaurs expo

Expo Paris


Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles

1 place de-la-Porte-de-Versailles

75015 Paris

Dates and times

From 05 July to 31 August 2014

(Alexander is dressed in Mini Rodini by Kidshop and moccasins by Babidetta)