Each year, Playtime invites a new illustrator to create artworks for all the Playtime shows.

For Playtime’s new season, they invited Xaviera Althena who imagined a range of cute animals for each city: ” this is supposed to be about kids and their fun colourful world. That’s what Playtime is all about: fun, new projects and designs for kids and teens. So I thought about what I always loved as a kid (besides drawing): animals, really cute fluffy animals.

I designed the Playtime posters as if it is a dream of a child: riding on your favourite animal through the city, discovering new things. I hope Playtime visitors will feel the same, that is to say, discovering new things and be surprised!” Xaviera says. If it has already won our hearts, we know for sure that it’ll be the same for everyone else!

Colorful, positive and fun: that is what Xaviera Altena‘s work is all about.

Born in 1991, she has always wanted to be an illustrator. “I graduated from art school in 2012 where I studied illustration with a minor in photography. Since I was 10, I knew I wanted to be an illustrator. However, what the world of illustration was about, I did not know yet.”

The Rotterdam-based artist’s dream was still there: become an illustrator and change the world with colorful and positive messages. 
I did a lot of different jobs these past 6 years, from designing brochures and animations to working in a bakery and shoe shop. I did everything I can to pursue my passion and dream: drawing.”

Her very personal style came after she graduated from art school: bold lines with bright colors. “Of course, my style is always developing, and I learn to fine tune it every day. This way I can keep surprising myself. I really believe that the day you are ‘satisfied’ with your art, you are actually really bored. I hope that never happens!“. Xaviera’s artwork can be described as girl-power and politically oriented.

Find out more about her work on her website and Instagram account: