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The long winter is toast now and I couldn’t be any happier if someone dropped a bag of money on my doorstep.

Snow, ice, frozen monkeys falling out of the sinister grey clouds: it was a winter no one will soon forget. Especially us parents. Locked away inside small rooms with babies and toddlers crying out of boredom and missing the sun, which only appeared in the sky as a dull blur that emits zero heat or joy, we suffered as much as anyone.

But those days are over. And summer is around the bend!

I’ve complained about summertime at points in my life. Gosh, we all have at some point or another. The heat can get to you. Not to mention the humidity. Yet, this year I find myself promising the Gods of Weather that they won’t hear even one single peep out of me. Not a word of disenchantment will I utter in regards to the long, sticky days that are coming my way.

This summer, I’m going to revel in every last drop of 30+ degrees madness. I just am. I’m going to drag my children out into the yard or down to the swimming hole behind their auntie’s farmhouse and I am going to show those children just exactly how summer is meant to be played. I’m so excited to jump into the frigid limestone stream in just a pair of cutoff shorts that I can hardly even contain myself as I’m writing this.

Matter of fact, I just did a perfect cannonball off of my writing desk down onto the carpet. That’s how much summer on the brain I’ve got, people. That’s how much I want those big hot blue skies to swallow me whole.

Summer is a time to live and no one knows how to live any better than children do. Children are quick to pop their trainers off and flop down in the green grass of some strange hill same as if it was their old familiar bed at home. I love that so much. There is magic in the way children let ice cream cones melt trails all down their forearms. And there is good luck to be had just from spotting a child-operated lemonade stand back some cul-de-sac when you least expect it.

So get ready, people. Put the screens in the windows and fire up the grill; shake last year’s sand out of the beach bag and toss the sun screen in the glove box. Life is about to get better, a whole lot better. Especially if you’re heading down into the summer of 2018 with a child or three following close behind.

Don’t miss a moment. Don’t miss a thing.

We all paid our dues this winter. And now it’s time to let all that snow melt away, once and for all and forever.


Lorenzo is wearing an outfit by Mum of Six –

Lana wears an outfit by Elisabetta Franchi (from Gimel SPA and Camilla Buzzi) 

Agency Moda Moda

Photography by Emily Kornya, children’s fashion photographer who works throughout Europe. She has recently moved back to Europe after completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature, Russian Literature in translation and South Slavic Studies at The University of Toronto.