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watermelon trend

The pineapple trend is showing no signs of disappearing , but there are a few other plants and fruits hot on their heels … and the watermelon trend is one of them!

Check out our watermelon trend inspired selection!

So… is there anyone out there whom would like to take a big bite out of a nice slice of juicy watermelon!?

watermelon trend

1. This cute little girls watermelon dress has been tie dyed a bright red and has little black seeds hand painted on the front and back. It is made of 100% cotton.

2. Watermelon Sun Shade

3. Short sleeve watermelon print top

4. Baby bloomers

5. A fun and playful wood cutting set that includes all essential accessories. Even watermelon!

6. UV-swimsuit with the print ‘Watermelon Slice’.

7. Piece-dyed denim shorts with a ‘Watermelon’ look.

8. Trainers

The watermelon trend - RUG

This tasty handmade Watermelon Rug is super fun and juicy underfoot!

Broer & Zus Bobo CHoses

Lovely summer dress with watermelon print.


Set of four summer fruit badges. Pineapple, Cherry, Watermelon & Banana. Yummm……..

Watermelon watch

Enjoy your time with your Watermelon rubber watch!