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The Estonian brand Amiki Children produces some of the most beautiful sleepwear for boys and girls you’ll likely see anywhere for children aged 2 to 12 years old.

This brand prides itself in producing pyjamas which are manufactured entirely out of 100%  pure cotton, cotton jersey and silk. This means that children can keep warm without overheating, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.

Most of the nightwear comes in such light relaxing colours with no busy patterns or eye-catching designs, making the items more than fit for purpose, being snug whilst relaxing the mind and body when it’s time to rest.

The Amiki Children SS15 collection will be available soon, but some designs are already available for pre-order.

Feel free to visit AMIKI’s website

Amiki Children ss15

Amiki children ss15


Happy boys


LIly of the Valley Paris

Photographs taken in the cafe Lily of the Valley in Paris, France, by Children’s fashion photographer Emily Kornya for Les enfants a Paris.

About Lily of the Valley; Marie Deroudilhe has created this tiny flower-filled little cafe called “Lily of the Valley”. The French café and tea-room may be tiny, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for with vibrancy and distinct personality. Flowers and plants hang from the entire ceiling, creating an overhead garden that sets a super lush and unforgettable tone.

Lily of the Valley

Mirrors are used cleverly to reflect the overhead flowers and greenery – the reflections capture the light and create an illusion of greater space beyond. Basically, the whole place is just bursting with happiness and life.

Approved by Les enfants a Paris! We love it!

Note: home-made gluten free pastries in this little jewel. Extreme love!

Lily of the Valley, 12 rue Dupetit Thouars, 75003 Paris