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Je t’aime Paris!

My love for this city never lessens. Never have I lived in a place that I find so beautiful, that I am completely satisfied with just walking around. I don’t mean sightseeing, not hopping into shops or museums, but just exploring and enjoying the wonderful sights and sounds is one of the best things you can do.

So should you ever travel to Paris the first thing you can write into your itinerary: take a walk!

Last Sunday Alexander and I walked around on the Champs Elysee with our friends since it was car free Sunday in Paris. It was fun to see all those happy people clycling, scooting, playing football and people were even sat in the middle of the road to have a picnic. Afterwards we decided to walk away from the crowd in the direction of Grand Palais and from there we walked along the Seine since it was such a beautiful day.

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Les enfants a Paris

Alexander is overlooking the Seine wearing a blazer by Yporque via Goodmorning Sunshine combined with I dig Denim jeans via Springstof and boots by Rainbow & Snow via S Agency.
A walk

Classic Striped T-shirt by Little 10days via


Alexander in Paris

Time to go home

Time to go.. So much to see on the way home!

Scooting in Paris



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