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Now that we’re almost in the month of October, back-to-school shopping may seem like a distant memory. But we all know that with children clothes shopping is really a year-round task.  Mummies (and daddies!) have to deliver on children’s ever changing fashion sensibilities, surfing the delicate balance between quality and quantity, and all while staying within a budget.

Today, we would like to introduce you to TAPE A L’OEIL, a French brand for children from birth up to 14 years old that offers a great selection of t-shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, onesies, nightwear, underwear, shoes, accessories and even a line of ‘Ceremonie’ apparel for boys and girls with fancier wear for weddings and other special events. We like the fact they have different collections like a Bobo Chic inspired one for boys, a Fee des Bois for girls, a Mini Trappeur for the younger boys and a Mini Plume for the younger girls. But that’s not all, there is so much more.. 

We also love the attention for detail in the clothing; all materials used for every garment is soft and comfortable, which will make children actually want to wear the clothes!

We have been asked to join TAPE A L’OEIL’s Family Lab and we’ll be testing a piece of clothing every 15 days. The first article just arrived so stay tuned for a review! If you are interested in taking part of this, click here.

To see and or shop the whole collection please visit

[photo’s from the ‘Grand Froid 2015‘ collection but they have many other collections available as well]

Tape A L'Oeil Aw15

tape a l'oeil

Tape a L'oeil

Tape a l'oeil

Tape A L'Oeil Aw15