Kids Shoes


For many parents, choosing children’s shoes can prove a bit hit-or-miss.

Though it doesn’t sound like rocket science, it’s much trickier than it sounds. As we know it’s not all about the fashion aspect, there are other needs to be considered especially from the early walking days, it’s important that children wear the right shoes for their foot development and their daily activities.

But we still want them to look stylish, so when it comes to finding the right shoes for your children you can totally trust Koel4kids, a Dutch shoe brand that stands for high quality kids footwear. Colourful, playful and fresh are just some keywords used to describe the collection. 

The founders of Koel4kids, Heidy van Elk en Vanessa Wijsmuller, design all the shoes and give each a typical Dutch name. Names like Daan, Keesje, Stijntje and Klaartje… 

Healthy feet not only need to breathe, they also need protecting. Koel4kids make their shoes with leather uppers and soles are made of rubber and synthetic crepe. And while designed in Holland the shoes are handmade in the South of Europe.

Koel4kids runs from size 23 to 39. Sometimes even bigger! 


Koel4kids Aw15 collection



Koel 4 Kids