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Summer Sale at Kidshop is in full swing!

The online shop Kidshop is first and foremost about fun! They believe that childhood is the most precious time in life but all too fleeting. It needs to be enjoyed to the max! Let kids be kids. Not little adults, but little individuals who see the wonder and the magic in the everyday.

Kidshop searches the globe for products that celebrate childhood and inspire the imagination. Things you need but things your kids will enjoy. A diverse selection of practical products with a sprinkle of pixie dust. 

Here a selection of our favourite Summer Sale items! Click here to check out more!

Add a dash of RAINBOW to your day! A cheerful, comfy and fabulous outfit for you!


Adorable raccoon socks, little pouch, overall, T-shirt, trainers

Great for a day out, beach day, basically every occasion!

beach outfit kidshop

topbottom, capsunglasses

It’s time for…POOL PARTY!!! A cool and trendy look for your daughter!


T-shirt, shorts, sandals, pool float

Fancy for an exotic beach day?


Pineapple pool float, Green sunshirt, Navy swim trunks, Blue beach towel, Jelly shoes

 An easy to throw-on outfit for a fun day! Keep it simple but cute and stylish at the same time!


FOX little bag, Clouds dress, Giraffe runners, Lola scootaheadz

Keep calm and be as HAPPY as a HIPPO!

summer hippo

Grey T-shirt, Blue T-shirt, shorts, elephant trainers