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Preparing Your Child for La Rentrée

French schools do not provide all school materials. At the very youngest age you will need to purchase nothing. With the increasing maturity of your child, however, you will be expected to provide anything from pencils and crayons to exercise books and textbooks. When your child gets to secondary school (college) or high school (lycée) the costs mount.

You are not always given the list of items required during the summer holidays. Some schools wait until the first week of school, hence the panic…

What we do know is that all of these items will  need to fit into a backpack, big enough to take larger than A4 books….

A selection of backpacks and pensil cases. Which one is your favourite?

school materials

1. Blue Backpack

2. Super fun pencil case with a photo print

3. Beautiful pink / white pensil case

4. Black backpack with animal print

5. Backpack

6. Schoolbag

7. Normal is boring

8. Black / white backpack

9. Dinosaurs pensil case

10. Monster backpack

11. Diamond print backpack in blue / white 

12. Pouch